Client: Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority
Completion April 2014
Contract Value $1.2 m

Another project as head contractor is the redevelopment of a public open space in Midland, based around the Soldiers Memorial near the Railway Station. This comprises of some ground works, concrete paths, paving, curved steps, irrigation and the soft landscaping.

Client: LWP Partners
Completion Jan 2014
Contract Value $4.4 m

One of our latest project as head contractor is the building of an irrigation lake in a 3.5 hectare public open space in Byford - Glades subdivision for the new town center. This comprises of ground works, acid sulphate soil treatment, dewatering and treatment, excavation, concrete retaining walls, waterproofing membrane and water supply and drainage infrastructure.

Client: Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority
Completion: July 2014
Contract Value: 1.2 M

MG Group were awarded several projects in the vicinity of Kings Park. Saw Avenue consisted of a new playground and picnic area in Variety Place. It included building and installing a children’s adventure playground with fort, constructing and building a large rock wall out of limestone boulders and creating a culvert and pipe tunnel for children to play in. MG Group also installed specialised play equipment including ‘amusement nets’, ‘birds nest baskets’ and balance beams. Including in the upgrade, a double barbecue was fitted and new turf for the picnic area.

Client: Venues West
Completion: July 2015

The work of this project comprises of the demolition and relocation of the old entrance statue which was required to be salvaged, stored and re-located, and disposal of some existing structures, services and finishes, including material sub base, as required for the installation of all new finishes for the new Entrance to HBF Stadium.

Client: Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority
Completion: August 2015
Contract Value: 1.2 M

The project involved construction of a botanic terraces and two pavilions including associated paths and infrastructure. This newly completed iconic landmark in Kings Park will become one of the most photographed views in Perth. This consists of the main Art Feature construction of two complex designed steel “Tree” structure’s as the pavilion component along with concrete terraces. The Terraces are a delightful experience of interpretive artwork and landscape design representing the botanical history of WA. They are set amongst the newly planted gardens representing our state’s precious and unique native flora, and also a magnificent new space for the whole community to share and enjoy in Kings Park.

Client: John Holland
Completion: September 2014 – Ongoing to be completed October 2015
Contract Value: 6.3 M

MG Group were awarded this package to work on the most prestigious iconic Perth project which is currently under construction in the metropolitan area to the value of $1.2 billion. The contract was offered to MG after a very comprehensive tender submission and negotiations with the client. All of Perth’s leading landscape companies submitted prices and we were able to demonstrate our best value for money, capabilities, capacity and ability to execute this intricate and complex designed exteriors and play spaces in the new Children’s Hospital to be awarded the contract.

Contract Value: $2,100,000
Client: Downer

Our latest project involved a staged programme that has been completed over the past year. This iconic project is the first stage of works linking Perth’s CBD to Northbridge. This project was finished to the highest of qaulity and all works were performed using our OH&S guidelines and safe work method statements.

November 2011 – January 2012
Queen Street Precinct development
Contract Value $900,000

This project is the replacement of the existing road surface with a structural concrete sub base varying in thickness between 480mm and 150mm. This also incorporated beams with reinforced structural elements to rain gardens.

November 2010- February 2011
DownerEDI Works
Contract Value $1,000,000

This contract was completed in February 2011 - within the required timescale and budget. This project was the enhancement of the road way of Parliament Place and Harvest Terrace. The project crew of The MG Group worked consistently for 6 days a week for the duration of the works to achieve the very much reduced contract period